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5 ways to turn your stay into a workcation

If the year 2020 has taught us anything, it's that work can follow you anywhere you go, including on vacation. Given the popularity of remote work and digital nomads, our company is committed to creating more spaces for these individuals in our portfolio. In addition, here are 5 strategies for making your trip a productive workcation.

Plan your workcation in advance.

Every aspect of our life, especially vacations, require some kind of planning. Make sure you choose an apartment that is suitable for working from home, and the location is suitable for meetings, working, and/or team building. Make sure there are enjoyable places to visit nearby so you can take a break from working.

Find a quiet space to set up your personal workstation.

As mentioned before, make sure you’re able to create a dedicated space for working. Organize a work desk for yourself, with everything you need to stay connected. All our apartments are fitted with a dedicated workspace area, and we’re happy to accommodate additional requirements are guests working on the go. In need of extra books, pens, and notes? Order some through our amazing concierge team.

Make sure you have high-speed internet for effective working.

Internet connectivity is the most important requirement for a successful work vacation, and a good one at that. It's critical that you are knowledgeable about the internet quality and speed you'll be using. You should consider bringing your own internet device on the trip if the provided quality and speed are insufficient. All of our apartments at ITC Hospitality come with high-speed internet, which is great for your workcation needs.

Create a flexible work schedule for yourself.

Although work is important, be sure to plan your vacation & things you’d like to do around that. Our services are also flexible so be sure to schedule your housekeeping cleans, etc., with us before your arrival. Make sure to visit popular attractions, local restaurants, and sites to give yourself a much-needed break in between working. Our lovely concierge brochure office has a long list of things to do & see around Cape Town.

Opt for a longer stay.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so booking a longer stay is the better option. Take into consideration the time you’ll need to work but also explore your city of choice. At ITC our apartments are perfect for both long and short-term stays, with the addition that they’re perfect for workcations.


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