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Guest Relations Management is the link between apartment rentals and the hotel experience. Our Guest Relations team is made up of energetic and creative members who’s sole responsibility is to make sure the tenant’s feel well looked after
From the moment of the booking being made, the Guest Relations team is set to work by first making contact with the guest, preparing everything from their arrival right through to meeting them upon their departure.
From weekly follow ups to booking dinners at the best restaurants, the Guest Relations team is always at arms length for the tenant. We have brought this service into the 21st century by making use of the technology around us to effectively communicate with the guests. From emails and phone calls to WhatsApps and instant messaging, there is always a way to get speedy and accurate assistance.
Guest Relations offers a wide range of services for our tenants. From arranging breakfast vouchers to stocking the fridge upon request, or arranging shuttle transfers and assisting in renting a vehicle, the Guest Relations team is here for all your needs.