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Top 5 things Hospitality Industry offers to bleisure travelers

Business and one in the slightest saw the possibility of a common ground however, once they were merged together they created a phenomenon that has changed and challenged the status quo of how business is and will be conducted in the future.

As a result of this concept, the hospitality industry had to adapt to this form of conduct when it came to business travel and accommodation.

Bleisure travel to the world

The concept of business and travel has been there for years, the pandemic has made it more of a prominent practice in various businesses. The term "Bleisure" refers to the integration of business and leisure, where one is able to travel while they work.

"Bleisure travel refers to the practice of integrating business trips with leisure."

Despite the hits that many industries took as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has also helped to unveiled the possibility of work being done outside of a work environment. Many businesses saw the convenience of being able to work from anywhere in the world.

It is here to stay

Travelling was impossible in 2021 due to the regulations of the Covid-19 pandemic, which correlated towards the limitations of business travel. However, In 2022 travel has been permitted in certain parts of the world including South Africa. This change in regulations has availed remote opportunities within Cape Town to accommodate bleisure travel and travelers.

In addition to reasons of why bleisure will always be around is that the younger generation, it has been observed that they tend to get exhausted much faster then the older generation. It's important that companies that seek young talent take this into consideration and gradually adapt to the work-life balance concept.

What hospitality industry offers

Many companies within the hospitality industry have shown efforts towards prioritizing bleisure travelers and their needs. These efforts have been proved to be essential to bleisure travelers and their ability to conduct their businesses. At ITC Hospitality Group, we've prioritized those who travel for business by providing;

  1. Fast, reliable and unlimited internet in all the apartments

2. Easy access to electrical outlets

3. A Clean working environment

4. Beautiful views from the apartments

5. The best recommendations for restaurants, sights and activities

Work related vacations are the way to the future and the success of the Hospitality Industry. At ITC Hospitality we have taken the necessary steps to make sure that we accommodate the guests that come to Cape Town for business. The more other hospitality groups come to understand and adapt this model, the more we will see an increase in the number of bleisure travelers coming in.

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