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11 Things To Know Before Visiting Cape Town

Cape Town is more then a destination, it is a home!

The city has a tender nature where it wouldn't matter where you are in it, you would still experience the warmth of our people, the impeccable views and the finest restaurants that the city of Cape Town has to offer.

But... for you to reap the best experiences from a city that you are visiting for the first time, it is essential that you understand the culture, the language and the history. So that when you do arrive your journey would be smooth and fulfilling.

1. Walking will be your new normal

If you've never been the type of person to walk when exploring a new place, it is likely that you will here in Cape Town!

Walking is the best and the healthiest alternative to explore the sights of the Mother city considering the steep paths that you'll possibly take. Not to mention the incredible people that you will meet on the way.

2.Familiarize yourself with some slang

Knowing English is one thing, knowing the slang we use in Cape Town is another...

To really have a smooth journey getting around the city it is essential that you understand and know phrases that you'll only ever hear in the streets of the Cape Town. You'll find the languages that people use the most here are English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa, and often people would use words interchangeably and that is why it is important for a visitor to know enough to get around.

3.Ever heard of Braai

Out of all the food you try here let braai be first on your list!

It is a South African barbeque that you'll find all around Cape Town, especially if you would take a tour around the townships. With the many affordable apartments that are available within the city you'll find that there would be an area to braai, and you can try it yourself and let us know how "lekker" it is.

4.Wine will become your best friend

One thing that you must know about Cape town is that the people here love their wine!

There are incredible wine farms that you'll find such as Beau Constantia wine. It is a boutique wine farm situated very high up on the Constantia Mountains where meticulous attention to detail in the vineyard leads to distinctive handcrafted wines.

5.Always keep to the left

The left is side where the traffic is at and that is the side you'll have the steering wheel on from now on..

We are aware that some visitors may be used to driving on the right. So being in a city that drives on the opposite side may be a tad bit confusing...

However, with all the road signs that are available and with observation of the lanes that the other vehicles are using you'll get used to it in no time.

6.There is a variety of culture, people and languages

You'll meet all types of people here!

Black, White, Colored/Mixed race, Indian, Chinese...we have it all.

There are many cultures and a variety of people that you'll find in Cape Town. Furthermore, you'll find that most of us get along irrespective of our differences or even our language barriers, we always make it work.

It makes no difference if you've just came to visit or if you were born here, if you respect and accept our culture then guess what?

You have become a Capetonian.

7.Your safety is a priority

No matter where you go around the city there is always someone who is willing to help you if you have lost your way.

Especially if you are around the city center, you are most likely see people who have the same green attire that would be the CCID, who are there to make sure that our city is a safe and pleasant environment to live and work in.

8.Cape Town is packed with Historical sights

With every street enriched with a story that is worthy to be told, you'll never get enough of all the history within the Mother city!

To receive the best information and guide around the city you can rely on a playlist of excursions, activities and tours that we at ITC hospitality group has made available to you just by a scan of QR code.

9. Slow down, we are pretty chilled here

Compared to many other cities that you'll find around the world, Cape Town is very chilled and so are the people.

You'll discover that the busiest times around the city is when there are events, parades and when it is holiday season and the rush to get the best presents from the shop is a priority. Other then that the people here live a very paced lifestyle, yet they are still very productive and effective in our respective disciplines of work and life.

If you are coming from a city or place that is fast pace, you may just appreciate and quickly adapt to the breathers that the city offers.

10. There are safer alternatives in getting around

Local taxi's and buses are safe enough for people who've lived in Cape Town for a while. It is only best that you take it if you a familiar with the places that you are going to, have someone who is or don't mind the possibility of being in a crowded environment.

Other then that the best mode of transport would be taking an Uber which is a safer alternative, you can download the app and get a driver that can drive you to the destinations you choose in matter of a couple of minutes.

11. Prepare for the change in seasons

Our seasons are little bit different so don't be confused!

The summer falls in between the months of November to February, and it can get pretty hot so make sure that you have all your essentials to be protected from the heat. Don't forget to go to the beaches that are nearby and have fun!

Winter is from May to August, it is not as cold as it would be in other cities but if you are visiting Cape Town in these months don't forget to pack your warm clothes and also book a stay in an affordable accommodation that will be cozy and a home away from home with discounted prices this Winter!

Spring is from September to the month of October and Autumn is from March to April.

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1 Comment

Charlene Van Zyl
Charlene Van Zyl
May 12, 2022

Great Blog, thank you for this insight! I really enjoyed reading this article!😍

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