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Is Cape Town safe? What the CCID does for the city

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

As a traveler it is only normal to be curious of how safe a place is before you visit or choose to stay. While crime can not be completely avoided, we can assure that within the districts that CCID covers, safety is not up for discussion it is there, you can visibly see them and know that you are in the right hands.

Now...Who are the CCID?

The Cape Town CCID is one of the first improvement districts in South Africa, and as a result of their vision and implementations Cape Town has become one of the most lively urban environments that accommodates people who come for business, holidays and permanent stays.

It was a vision initiated by local property owners for Cape Town, so that it will no longer be a ground for crime, but for it to be safe, clean and visitor friendly. Not only for local travel but also for international travel and business opportunities. This vision was established in the month of November 2000 and looking at the state of the city of Cape Town today the efforts that the CCID has put are evident and their progress is inevitable.

Looking back to the early 2000's when their vision was established, Cape Town was an city that people avoided to visit or even think to invest in but the CCID changed that. Cape Town is now at it's peak, being one of the most visited destinations in South Africa.

It doesn't stop there...the non-profit organization not only improved the environment of our city but also the livelihoods of those who live in it. They were able to accomplish this by increasing opportunities of employment for those who are likely to be the most neglected in society, such as the homeless and recovering addicts. As a result they are an organization that has over 600 members.

In reference to the title Cape Town Central "City Improvement District", the term emphasizes the geographical areas that the CCID has been given approval to operate in. They receive this approval from the City Council in accordance to the municipal property rates act within the Special Rates Area(SRA) and the SRA bylaw. The services that the CCID offers includes the following;

  • Safety & Security

  • Urban management

  • Social development

  • Communication department(Enquiries/Feedback)

So yes, we can proudly say that Cape Town is a safe and environment and has been for many years now.

Even with the CCID reflecting on what they've accomplished in 21 years as of 2021, they are not slowing down. In fact they are looking forward to improving and innovating the structures and the projects that they've established already. At ITC we value the efforts that the CCID has put towards the city of Cape Town, as we support the betterment of the district. We look forward to the future endeavors that the CCID has planned for our city.


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