Our operations team is 

 Maintenance and Housekeeping services.

ITC offers a wide range of apartments, differing in size, style and location, with each apartment being uniquely designed. Despite the individuality of each apartment, they all share one common factor...
Each and every single apartment is maintained and looked after to not only reach, but to exceed ITC's strict and industry leading standards. As high as these standards are, it is a breeze for our operation team to constantly uphold and exceed.


Part of the ITC objective is to bring in the joys and benefits of hotel living to the corporate world by offering services above and beyond what is expected of an apartment rental. One of the many offerings is our dedicated housekeeping team who is run by our eager, yet meticulous housekeeping manager; Maureen.

  • ITC Hospitality Group has its own Housekeeping Team, which are all full-time employed

  • Housekeeping staff signs in and out at Security Desk

  • Housekeeping Staff are dressed in uniform provided by ITC Hospitality Group.

  • ITC Hospitality Group has strict protocols in place to manage keys/access to the building and do not leave keys/disk at the security or reception.

  • Housekeeping only uses the “Good’s Lift” and all laundry and cleaning supplies are kept in custom-made trolleys and bags.

  • ITC Hospitality Group acts as sole agent for each of the properties it represent

  • Regular inspections are conducted in each of the properties to proactively identify any maintenance issues, such as electrical, water, geysers, etc.

  • ITC Hospitality Group will accompany any contractor/supplier into the building and property and will supervise any work to be done.

  • ITC Hospitality Group will engage with the Property Manager on any building related matters, or escalate matter to the Building Manager if required

  • ITC Hospitality Group has strict protocols in place to manage keys and access to the building and do not leave keys/disk at the security or reception.


As a company we take our clients health seriously and pride ourselves in the cleanliness of our apartments.


  • Our cleaning products are of high quality and our staff is trained in how to use the products to its full potential.

  • We use the appropriate cleaning product for the surface / material it is intended to be used on.  

  • We pay special attention to areas that we highlight as high touch points such as door handles, light switches, remotes.

  • These areas get cleaned with cleaning alcohol (Surgical swipes. ) The same product they use in hospitals.

  • Our linen gets cleaned by professional launderers.

  • Our linen does not get mixed with other companies linen and washed well above 24 degrees. ( The stipulated temperature the virus can survive in)  

  • We use hotel linen that is bleach resistant and bleach are added to each wash.

  • Towels get done on site at 40 degree water and dried in a dryer.

  • Air conditioners are individual units per apartment. ( Not a shared system)

  • We had them serviced / cleaned in Feb and because of the virus scare doing this monthly.

  • In the building our apartments are situated in the common areas are cleaned regularly and cleaning staff are on hand to see to spills and dirt promptly.