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Top tips for solo traveling in Cape Town

Cape Town, in any season, is a beautiful destination to visit, especially by yourself. The vast number of activities, restaurants to visit, and sites to explore make this a prime location for solo travellers. Before you travel to the city, here are 5-travel tips for solo travelers in Cape Town.

1. Do Your Research and Choose Wisely

Although Cape Town is a lovely city, we encourage guests to learn about the different neighbourhoods and areas that should be avoided. Learn the routes to take and the best forms of public transportation. We are happy to provide guests with reliable means of transportation at an additional fee, and we are also willing to organize an alternative means of transport for our guests.

Understanding more about the area you are visiting can help you choose lodgings with good safety ratings, which is why we make sure all our ratings are visible and authentic. Our buildings have 24-hour security, and our concierge is available whenever you need assistance.

2. Share your travel plans with trusted family or friends, and stay connected.

When traveling alone to any destination, you must keep your family and friends updated on your adventures. Be sure to send your travel itinerary, accommodation information, and details of any planned activities to your loved ones. Before any solo excursions, we suggest you notify our concierge staff of your plans for additional safety.

To stay connected with friends, family, or work, check with your smartphone provider to determine what capabilities you will need at your travel destination. Checking in by email or social media works too. All our apartments are equipped with fast internet, so your connections are effortless!

3. Always have an emergency plan.

Ideally, you will never face a medical issue, accident, or robbery while traveling. However, it is wise to know where to turn if an unfortunate event occurs. Research nearby hospitals, police stations, and other emergency facilities before you travel. Although the English language is widely spoken in South Africa, it would not hurt to learn emergency phrases in the local language so you can ask for help if you need it. We are happy to help our guests with any emergency requests they may have by calling our 24-hour number.

4. Secure your valuables.

When leaving your stay, only take what you need when you venture out—like your phone, a credit card, some cash, an ID, and a copy of your passport. Keep these in a secure bag that you can always see. Do not put your bag with these items out of your line of sight.

You should also have a photocopy of your passport in case the original gets lost or stolen. Keep these copies in a safe, separate place from where you are storing your actual passport. Consider leaving a copy with a friend or family member back home, too. You can store extra money, jewellery, your passport, and other important documents in our room safe.

5. Enjoy the city!

The most important tip is to enjoy yourself. Cape Town is still a city of hidden gems, so we encourage our travellers to explore to their heart's content, without the fear of any negatives. We at ITC Hospitality Group pride ourselves in making sure our guests have memorable, safe experiences. Please visit our website for more information on our accommodations, activities, and how we can make your solo traveling more memorable.

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