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8 ways to make your temporary home, a home away from home

With serviced apartments, everything you need for a comfortable stay with us is included. However, should you be interested in adding personal touches to your new temporary space, there are easy ways to do so, which we’ll share in this blog piece. Here are 8 ways to personalise your space and make your temporary home a home away from home.

Utilize our apartment services.

Make the apartment feel more like a home by making use of the kitchen, separate spaces, and outdoor spaces to make the apartment feel more like home. Cook in your kitchen, sit and enjoy the dedicated balcony space, and have a fun bubble bath with your favourite bath bombs and bath salts. Our apartments each have their own particular features and equipment. Click below for additional details here.

Bring your favourite beverages or comfort foods, or order them with us.

Stock your refrigerator and cupboards with your favourite coffee brand or comfort foods to help you feel more at ease during your stay. We provide fridge stocking services, which allow guests to order food items and have them delivered before or during their stay with us. Have your kitchen ready to go before you get there!

Travel candles: make your apartment smell like home.

Nothing helps you settle in better than the familiar scent of home. Take the opportunity to go out and get yourself an air diffuser with the familiar scent of home, or request this before your arrival when you stay with us. We’re always happy to make your stay feel like home.

Unpack straight away; hang your clothes in the wardrobe so you’re all settled in.

The best way to settle into your temporary home is by unpacking your bags and settling into the space. Hang your clothes in the dedicated wardrobe space, place your extras, such as books, on your bedside table, and watch how the space comes alive. Fill the shelves with some lovely items and watch how the vibe changes.

Bring something personal from home to personalise your space with.

Although our apartment has all the facilities you need, we encourage bringing something in to make the space feel more familiar. Bring a blanket, your favourite ornament, or anything special to make the space more personal.

Maintain your routine, even on your holiday or business trip.

If you’re used to your day-to-day routine, then being away on holiday or a business trip shouldn’t stop that. You can continue your daily activities and stick to your routine.

Stream your favourite shows during your stay with our Netflix programming.

Keeping with the notion of comfort, curl up with Netflix and watch your favourite movies. All our apartments are equipped with this amazing streaming service, so you’re able to continue your series and movies while on holiday with us.

Don’t eat out every night; stay in and have one of our homemade, ready-made meals as a treat.

In addition to offering fridge stocking services, we supply guests with amazing, hearty meals in the form of ready-made meals. From South African classics to international flavors, we have a meal for everyone’s taste. Browse through our menu here:

We hope these tips help you settle a little better into your vacation space. At ITC Hospitality, our passion is hospitality, so we’re happy to attend to your every need and make sure your stay feels like home. We have all types of apartments available to fit your needs. To view our catalog, please visit this link to see our full range of apartments and penthouses.

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