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Solo Travelling Tips for the Female Digital Nomad

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Digital nomads are on the rise. In today's post-COVID pandemic environment, the working force has changed and our world has fully embraced all-digital lifestyles. Workplaces, in particular, have become flexible with companies now offering fully remote working positions for their employees. It is estimated that 22% of the American workforce will be fully remote by 2025. This has created a wave of remote travel and an increasing embrace of a digital nomad lifestyle.

Gen Z and Millennials are taking advantage of this 'new world order' and using it to travel the world and seek new adventures without having to put their jobs and income at risk, or use up their hard-earned leave days.

For women, travelling and planning to be in a new country alone can be an overwhelming and daunting experience. A lot of women are hesitant to adopt and embrace such a big and exciting life change because of the unique challenges they may face. Above the longing for new experiences, there are aspects of solo travel that are prioritized by the solo female traveller that need to be taken into careful consideration. Read below to see how our tips on how to alleviate the stress of solo traveling and how a stay at One Thibault Residence remedies many of the issues that digital nomads face.

Female digital nomad on laptop

This is the first and most important step you need to take. Before taking the giant leap (or flight), make sure that all of your ducks are in the row and you know what you are getting yourself into. Luckily, in today's digital age, information is highly accessible. YouTube is a great platform to start! Hear from the experiences of other digital nomads and from locals who educate tourists travelling to their respective countries.

Important things to consider:

Familiarize yourself with the laws of the country

Jaywalking may be socially accepted in your home country but it can be considered a serious offence in other nations. Know how the law works!

Know the demographics and geography

Once you've decided on the country you want to stay in, conduct research on the different areas. Know which neighbourhoods are safe, convenient and affordable to live in.

Understand the migration process

Know what visa you need to apply for, and the documents you need for your application. Not all countries offer digital nomad visas.

Get social!

Different places have different cultures and social graces. It's important to know what is socially acceptable as you do not want to offend anyone. For example, whilst tipping wait staff is considered courteous in most places, it is seen as degrading in Japan.


Female digital nomad on her cellphone

A big part of being a digital nomad is being able to stay connected throughout your stay. Make sure that wherever you plan on staying there is secure, uninterrupted internet access. We recommend stays in metropolitan areas because developed urban areas have the infrastructure to support digital activity.

Not only is it important for you to be online to complete your work tasks, it is important for personal communication purposes.

One Thibault Residence No Loadshedding


Travel safety and security

Safety is the #1 concern for women while travelling. Nobody wants to be subjected to crime, especially in a country they are not familiar with. Safe neighbourhoods command a higher price point. Do not compromise your safety by opting for a cheaper option that could put you at risk of being exposed to potential danger. Paying that extra money for security is worth it.

To ensure safety:

Ask about security measures

When looking for a place to stay, ask your accommodation about the safety measures they have in place. Will you need a set of keys? Is there a gate? Is there 24/7 security on-site? Do they use biometric access? Make sure you know the answers to these questions. This will play a big role in choosing your new home.

Know how to contact emergency services

It is important that you have the contact information for all emergency services in the residing country. Make sure you know where and how to locate them should an emergency arise.

One Thibault Residence 24/7 security


Solo women travel friends

Before leaving, share all of your information with a trusted friend or family member back home. This is very important for solo travellers. In the case that something may happen to you overseas, someone back home will be able to assist. When traveling in your free time, make sure you are constantly updating someone on where you are and what you are getting up to.

What to share:

The address & contact number for where you are staying.

Contact person in the residing country (a trusted friend, neighbour or local law enforcement)

Full travel itinerary (dates, flight details etc.)

Your live location (Apps like Find my iPhone & Life360 are great for tracking whereabouts).


Passport travel tips safety

Losing a passport can cause headaches and present you with a lot of admin. Keep it locked away at all times and refrain from carrying it around. It is the only form of documentation that confirms your right to be in the visiting country; keep it safe & do not hand it to another person for safekeeping.


Make a note of where your embassy is located, should you need assistance with your documents.

One Thibault Residence safe security


Female solo traveller

Always have a backup in case your documents go missing, or your wallet gets stolen. Being in a foreign country with unfamiliar administrative processes can make things difficult and complicated.

What you can do:

Give copies of your documents to a trusted friend or a family member back home.

Back your documents up to a cloud storage, for online access.

Make sure that you have a second bank card with money in it.


For the digital nomad choosing Cape Town as their place of stay, One Thibault Residence is the #1 accommodation choice for travellers. Many of the hurdles that digital nomads have to face are not an issue at One Thibault Residence, making it the perfect place to work & play in the City of Cape Town.

One Thibault Residence


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