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Change lives with Ladles of love

Is there more to Cape Town than it's beautiful sights? The answer is yes...yes there is.

Image credit: Unsplash, Larm Rmah

Cape Town is more then just a travel destination, it is a home of many charities that feed a large number of people around the city. One of the charities within the city is Ladles of love. They have come from humble beginnings however, with their persistence and continual efforts they've become one of the biggest food supplying charities in South Africa.

Image credit: Unsplash, Joel Muniz

The steps they took towards innovation

There was a estimated number of people that were on the streets before the pandemic and the number increased exponentially as the pandemic started. Due to the sudden increase Ladles of love took their charity and put it on wheels that is how the Sandwich drive came to life. This innovation gave the charity the ability to gather families that would contribute to their movement across Cape Town, this further leader to an increase of the number of mouths Ladles of love was able to feed.

Image credit: Unsplash, Joel Muniz

Your support can go a long way

There are many ways to join this beautiful movement, it could be making a sandwich, being part of a community kitchen, giving monthly donations or once-off donations. As easy as it may seem to join the support is not measured because every small act makes the biggest difference.

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