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Our operations team is 

Operations and housekeeping services

ITC offers a wide range of apartments, differing in size, style and location, with each apartment being uniquely designed. Despite the individuality of each apartment, they all share one common factor.
Each and every single apartment is maintained and looked after to not only reach, but to exceed ITC's strict and industry leading standards. As high as these standards are, it is a breeze for our operation team to constantly uphold and exceed.


Part of the ITC objective is to bring in the joys and benefits of hotel living to the corporate world by offering services above and beyond what is expected of an apartment rental. One of the many offerings is our dedicated housekeeping team who is run by our eager, yet meticulous housekeeping manager.


The Housekeeper are  employed full-time 

House-keepers sign in/sign out at security desk

Housekeeping only use
Good's Lift

All laundry and cleaning supplies kept in custom-made trolleys and bags

Regular inspections are conducted 

ITC hospitality Group act as agent for every property

ITC hospitatlity Group will accompany any contractor/supplier into building to supervise work done

ITC Hospitality Group engages with property manager on building matters or they escalate it to building manager 

ITC Hospitality Group has strict protocols to manage keys and the accessing of building - leaving no key / disk at security or reception


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